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New YouTube author

May 30, 2007

Hi! I just created my YouTube account and uploaded the first video. It’s from TEN Competence Winter School in Innsbruck
Austria (particularly interesting to watch to Austrians).


Hands On Social Software

May 22, 2007

Dear participants of the PROLEARN summer school 2007!

Some more word ahead of the “Hands On Social Software” workshop on

As we’d like to create a mashup from various learning sources related to PROLEARN we ask you to create a _login for Yahoo!_ beforehand if you do not already have one. We are going to use Yahoo! Pipes (

Furthermore we plan to do a Photowalk in context of “user generated data & metadata”. This is an event, where a group of people go for a walk and try to gather a lot of pictures matching a certain topic. This brings together lots of different viewpoints and impressions of the same topic & location. We’ll decide on the topic of the Photowalk on site collaboratively (something like “History of Fréjus”, “Biology – Beatles”, “Architecture”, etc.)

For the Photowalk we all need besides a portable digital image capturing device (e.g. camera 🙂 a _Flickr login_ ( to upload and merge all creative efforts (images & annotations) centralized. Fortunately this is also coupled with a Yahoo! account, so the two tasks are reduced to one.

looking forward to next week,
Mathias Lux