Mentoring Breakfast (Thursday)


Thursday’s Breakfast is a chance to discuss Mentoring (and explore opportunities for mentoring)…

It follows the same pattern as the other breakfasts: talk about it if you want to, otherwise just listen

Here are examples of ideas about what Mentors can help with:

Advice and examples if you need…
– to write a grant proposal
– to get known
– to Network at Conferences
-to join a Proposal Review Panel, Journal refereeing
– to invite others to visit and give talks
– to use time effectively
– to learn when and how to say “yes” or “no” to professional tasks
– to make sure you are clear about the scope of something you agree to do, and that you have made clear the level of commitment you can bring
– to take on something new as a chance to let go of something else
– to work with people who seem to be good at getting things done

Remember, you should have different mentors for different activities (teaching, research, etc)


The final breakfast this week:

Cluster Breakfast, Friday 1/06/07 at 8:00

Any queries: ask Paul Lefrere (or mail


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