Junior/Senior Faculty Breakfast


Junior/Senior Faculty Breakfast, Tuesday 29/05/07 at 8:00

Goal: to provide a forum for junior faculty to explore ways to advance their careers, discover or create opportunities, manage their research, and maximize the benefits from any teaching responsibilities.

Starter questions to raise during breakfast: see list below

Plan: each table will have at least one member of senior faculty, willing to share experiences / advise on how junior could implement their own ideas

During the breakfast: participants will make notes on ideas that they think they could use to advance their careers.

After the breakfast: some time during the day, junior faculty will identify other attendees they think they could work with, in the weeks and months after the Summer School, to apply the ideas from the breakfast

Before leaving the Summer School: junior faculty will mail those other attendees, to begin the process of working together to achieve their joint goals.

After the Summer School: the Prolearn Academy team will set up a wiki to support attendees in achieving their goals.


Starter questions to raise during breakfast:

• What are some good strategies for getting a professorship or “habilitation”?
• How can junior faculty get reference letters and find the right reviewers to
promote their promotion?
• How should junior faculty balance their time: teaching/research, choosing
relevant conferences?
• How can faculty keep their field of research and investigation fresh?
• What is a good strategy for playing the publication gam
• What is a good strategy to get publications in high impact journals?
• What is the importance of being on editorial boards, organising conferences,
summer schools?
• What is a good strategy for getting the right kind of funding for research?


Other breakfasts this week (details to be circulated):

Gender Mainstreaming Breakfast, Wednesday 30/05/07 at 8:00
Mentoring Breakfast, Thursday 31/05/07 at 8:00
Cluster Breakfast, Friday 1/06/07 at 8:00

Any queries: ask Paul Lefrere (or mail p.lefrere@open.ac.uk)


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