Gender Mainstreaming Breakfast


Gender Mainstreaming Breakfast
(same pattern as other breakfasts: each table should have at least one Senior Faculty, who will share insights into issues that Junior Faculty want to discuss)

Here are examples of Gender Mainstreaming issues that have been raised in other meetings:

– taking Gender Mainstreaming into account, how to get the best out of attending a conference; how to get fair pay for a job (in some institutions, salaries offered depend upon gender); how to achieve fair recognition for contributions to research success
– how to achieve gender equality and over what time period
– how to recognise the scale of the problem in a university (what percentage of women are in top positions?)
– how to gain the support of male decision-makers, in planning moves to gender equality
– how to develop goal-oriented measures, and ways to reach those goals
For example,
– if there is high gender inequality, with a high percentage of women in lower positions, what steps can they or their university take to get them to qualify for advancement?
– do there need to be schemes to give female researchers special support (affirmative action), for example additional time for research, or extra money for equipment, or provision for child care?

Pattern that could be followed:

During the breakfast: participants will make notes on ideas that they think they could use to advance Gender Mainstreaming in their institution, without negatively affecting their careers.

After the breakfast: some time during the day, junior faculty will identify other attendees they think they could work with, in the weeks and months after the Summer School, to apply the ideas from the breakfast

Before leaving the Summer School: junior faculty will mail those other attendees, to begin the process of working together to achieve their joint goals.

After the Summer School: the Prolearn Academy team will set up a wiki to support attendees in achieving their goals.


Other breakfasts this week (details to be circulated):

Mentoring Breakfast, Thursday 31/05/07 at 8:00
Cluster Breakfast, Friday 1/06/07 at 8:00

Any queries: ask Paul Lefrere (or mail


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