Two Flashmeetings on our new Conzilla/Collaborilla release


Dear all,

our week in Fréjus is getting close, and – just-in-time  😉 – we are in the process of releasing Conzilla 2.1 with its collaboration service Collaborilla. 🙂

In order establish the distributed collaborative modeling community for TEL research that we are aiming for, we will help each modeling team in Fréjus to enter their maps into Conzilla and publish them using Collaborilla. In order to sustain this  process beyond the week in Fréjus, we will try to make sure that each team has at least one “map-publisher” who knows how to use Conzilla/Collaborilla.  All maps will be connected into a distributed knowledge manifold through an overview map containing concepts that correspond to each of our thematic clusters of TEL.

If you are interested in becoming a knowledge manifold mapmaker/publisher, and feel that you want to get a head start (+ have the time to spare 😉 ), we invite you to take part in one of the two Conzilla/Collaborilla installation meetings that we have booked for

Thursday 24 May, 10.00 – 11.30 CET:

Friday 25 May, 10.00 – 11.30 CET:

Each meeting is booked for up to 20 people.
We look forward to seeing you in one of them!

Best regards
/Ambjörn & Matthias & Hannes


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