Second Life Meeting


Dear Summer School Participants,

we would like to invite you to join a cluster meeting within the virtual 3D web world ‘Second Life’.

Aim of the meeting is to get acquainted with the 3D web world, get a guided tour to some educational hot spots, and convince you to join the second life workshops during the summer school (hell, will this be fun ;).

If you are not yet sure of which cluster you want to work in during the week in Frejus this is a good opportunity to meet some of the people in this particular cluster in advance.

The meeting will spontaneously appear in space and time on

Monday, May 21, 2007
at 16:00 CET (Paris, Vienna, Berlin)

at this location

In order to participate, please register a free account at < >, download and install the viewer software that suits your operating system, and log-in.

Our tour-guides for this meeting are Keulikator Salomon, Smok Flanagan, and Hannes Balut. They will give you a quick intro in the navigation basics and then lead you to some interesting in-world locations.

Clothing: informal šŸ˜‰

Sebastian Kelle (WUW)
Marcus Specht (OUNL)
Fridolin Wild (WUW)


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