Informal virtual learning environments


A Hallo to every one of you!!!

I just wanted to ask if anyone of you is focusing on existing cases of (informal) virtual learning environments.

I know that we are all researching on the next “killer application”, but what about the lessons to be learnt from current cases of success to be found at the web?

Anyone out there that looks into:

  • Collaborative content production at wikipedia, in open source, or even at rating systems?
  • Tools used in such spaces – and why the hell don’t they work out if we use them in education (just the critical mass, a question of cultures and hierarchies)?
  • Re-use of visualised learning processes (e.g. at forums and bug-tracker)?
  • CPI (processes and structures) at those environments over time?

Just taking as an example the educanext, TeLearn and … (more here:

Why are those initiatives not taking off like sourceforge, launchpad, wikipedia, frashmeat…?




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