Cluster Meeting Knowledge Management – Part 2


Hello ProLearners,

Unfortunately last weeks Flashmeeting (review: was only attended by summer school participants from TU Darmstadt. Although I am aware of the tight schedule everyone is probably having, it would be great if other students who have expressed their interest in the research topics centering on the convergence of Knowledge Management and TEL would join us.

Again, topics of interest include:

  • Knowledge Management
  • Knowledge Artifact Management
  • Knowledge Work Management
  • Organizational Learning
  • Collaborative Knowledge Networks
  • Workplace Learning

During last week’s Flashmeeting and a follow-up flesh meeting (just couldn’t resist this one…) for a caf, Phil, Doreen, and myself decided to focus on constructing a communicative model or taxonomy of the main concepts in the context of knowledge, knowledge artifacts, learning and learning resources, and so on. We want to start out by creating definitions of the relevant terms, then derive classification criteria and think about relationships between the main concepts. Our goal is to come up with a consistent model of relevant concepts in this field by the end of the summer school.

For this purpose, we have also set up a gliffy diagram ( which I will invite you to if you’re interested.

We want to discuss further activities and a few central definitions next Friday in another Flashmeeting, also start working on our gliffy…


A booking has been made for 11-May-07 at 14:00 (GMT +0100) and lasting 119 minutes.

This booking is for 10 people to use the application FlashMeeting

Go to the following address for full details and to access the event:


Looking forward to seeing you on Friday!




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